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Digital Mission Statement

Our mission is for the use of digital devices to be an everyday event for the children in federation schools. Connected devices will be at hand in all contexts and for all subjects. They will be as common as pencils, pens and books in our classrooms. Learning will be more interactive, inclusive, stimulating and creative; digitalisation will open doors into resources unobtainable in a traditional classroom. Its key role is that of an enabler, an amplifier, an enhancer of the diverse range of subjects already in our broad curriculum. It can also revolutionise access to learning for children with special education needs and disabilities through the use of adaptive technologies.

In addition, teachers will harness technology to further develop planning, teaching resources, and assessment tools to improve learning. Our colleagues in the central support services such as HR and Finance will further increase the quality of their work through its use. Moreover, technology will be used to increase efficiency and accuracy by integrating systems and databases, so information is easier to record, find, link and report. These innovations have the potential to reduce workload, improve work-life balance, increase staff well-being, and make education a more attractive and fulfilling profession.