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The Childhood Promise

Federation Childhood Promise

We believe that childhood is a very special gift that should be treated with the utmost care. As key adults in a child’s life, we need to respect this unique gift and ensure that it is as perfect as possible for each boy and girl. We think that every child, without exception, is entitled to a set of experiences that they can deposit in a bank of childhood memories to remember and savour for a lifetime.

Experiences like ... a walk in the woods … a paddle in the sea … a picnic in the countryside… an outing to the theatre … a river boat journey … a trip on a train … a sightseeing tour of London!

Each school year the federation will arrange and fund one of these special experiences. 

Family Focus

  • We will keep your children safe, secure and cared for;
  • We will provide first-rate teaching in all lessons and strive for excellence in everything that we do;
  • We will ensure that high standards in English and Mathematics are at the heart of a broad and exciting curriculum;
  • We will prize your children’s creativity and individuality, and listen attentively to their views, opinions and feelings;
  • We will be by their sides lending a hand as their self-belief and self-confidence grows and blossoms;
  • We will ensure they leave primary education ready, willing and able to take the next step in their learning and the next step in their lives.