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Digital Strategy Statement 2021-2024

We will provide a Chromebook to each child in Year 4, 5 and 6. These digital devices will be used daily to access most required learning materials and will be the main platform for children to respond to their learning and develop their own independent lines of enquiry and interest.

Whilst the overarching vision/mission is set by the federation, the practical implementation will be primarily driven by the teachers and the children in the classrooms. Through collaboration, dialogue, and professional learning networks, teachers and children will set the pace and direction of change. It will be a user-led strategy.

What will teachers, support staff members and children need from the federation if they are to lead on the transformation?

  1. High-quality training, development and on-going support from experts in the field.
  2. The time and space to assimilate the training and familiarise themselves with both the ideas and the equipment being provided.
  3. Reliable and easy-to-use equipment and systems which are available in the right quantities and at the right times of the school day, including secure and stable wi-fi connections across the school.
  4. Senior leaders in the school and the federation providing the focus, attention and funding necessary for success.
  5. Parents and carers who are on board with the initiative because they understand the purpose of the initiative and the benefits it will bring to their children.

In practical terms by the end of the academic year 2021/22, we will have:

  • Purchased and deployed Chromebooks to all children in Year 5.
  • Ensured wi-fi-connectivity is effective in all relevant classrooms and workspaces.
  • Ensured Chromebook charging facilities are reliable.
  • In-school support from middle and senior leaders, and from colleagues with technical knowledge and understanding.
  • Training and development from the school and the federation which meets present needs and begins to prepare colleagues for future needs.
  • Federation Vision and Mission Statements published, and school-based statements in line with the federation’s overarching ambitions for Digital Learning available too.
  • Integrated Digital Learning used in several subjects in Year 5.
  • Appointed Digital Leads in all eight schools, and a Federation Director for Digital Learning.
  • Partnership working with Leo Academy (Multi-Academy Trust identified by the Department for Education as a front runner in Digital Learning). 
  • Organised impact analysis which will include pupil voice and teacher/support staff voice information.
  • Budgeted funding for the purchase and deployment of Chromebooks in another full year group at the start of the next academic year (2022/23) and a further year group in 2023/24. By September 2023 all children in Year 4, 5 and 6 will have their own Chromebook.